Attractions in and near Yad Hashmona:
Yad Hashmona Biblical Garden (for guided tours: 02-5942000/2/3)

“King David Stables” Horse Riding (in Yad Hashmona, phone:057-747-1681 )

Swimming Pool (in Newe Ilan, 3 min. drive, free entrance for Yad Hashmona Hotel guests)

Attractions in the Judean Hills:

Attraction parks, and others
Phone nr.
Jeep tours (Aish tours /Jaron) 050-7630644
Horse Riding “King David Stables”  in Yad Hashmona 057-747-1681
Biblical Garden – Yad Hashmona 02-9994513
Mini Israel – Miniature park Latrun 1700559559
Monastery of Silence – Latrun 08-9255180
Kiftzuba fun park –Tzuba 02-5347952
Pool of Arches, underground boats  –  Ramla 08-9771480
Monkey Park – Ben Shemen 08-9285888
Cactus Garden- Bet Elazari 08-9411133
Orchid-green house – Ma´ale Hahamisha 02-5347394
Hazorfim (silver, jewelry)- visitors center Ben Shemen 08-9186633
Latrun Armory Museum (Yad Lashiryon) 08-9246722
Granddads warehouse – Beit Meir 02-5344745
Abu Gosh Crusader Church 02-5342798
Beit Jamal Monastery – concert hall 02-5343956
Emmaus Monastery & Archaeological site – Latrun 08-9256940
Yehuda Winery -Shoresh 02-5348175
Soreq Winery – Tel Shakhar 08-9340542
Monastery of Silence -Latrun 08-9220065
Efrat Winery – Motza 02-5346022
Tzara Winery 02-9908278
Castel Winery – Ramat Raziel 02-5342249
Dairy and Cheese
Har HaRuach – Nataf 02-5345660
Dairy Sataf- Shai Zalzer 054-4403762
Tzuk Farm- Ha´ela junction 054-5239117
Nature parks
Ein Hemed National Park – springs, crusaders fortress 02-5342741
Castel National Park – battleground, crusaders fortress 02-5330476
Soreq Caves National Park – stalactites, stalagmites 02-9915756
Yitzchak Rabin Park (close to Yad Hashmona)  
Ayalon Canada Park  
Bet Guvrin National Park – bell caves 08-6812957
Sataf 02 6428462
Authentic Rural Ethnic Cooking
Abu Gosh (Naura, Misada Abu Gosh, Caravan, Lebanese)  
Spa / Pool
Newe Ilan  (pool, sauna) 02- 5339339
Ma´ale Hahamisha 02-5331331
Gaash Spa 09-9529404


The Judean Wine Region is one of the most developed wine routes in Israel and has some of the best and fastest growing group of wineries. Below is a sample of some of the wineries the visitor can choose from:

Judea Winery – Shoresh is one of the best boutique wineries producing non-kosha Israeli wine. Just ask and you will be given a lecture about the whole process and a tour. (open Saturday Morning, for other times arrangement in advance)

Domaine du Castel is one of Israel’s most picturesque wineries. See the meticulously kept vineyard in front of the winery, the deep cellar and the winery building. At Kibbutz Harel is the building where Yitzhak Rabin commanded the Harel Brigade in 1948 can be found within the vineyards. Today this same building is one of Israel’s best new estate wineries Clos de Gat. The old wine press situated in the vineyards (the “gat”) dates from pre-Roman era.

Near Bet Shemesh is Kibbutz Tzora. The Tzora Vineyards is one of the most interesting wineries in Israel. Most of the grapes come from the surrounding vineyards and the Kibbutz Members run the winery.

The Ella Valley Vineyard is a commercial winery. Apart from the interesting visitors center they offer tours of the vineyards.

Christian pilgrims have the option of visiting three winery monasteries in the area: Domaine de Latroun, a Trappist Monastery and the wine is French in style, Mony Winery at Dir Rafat Monastery – an Israeli-Arab family owns the Mony winery which is named after their deceased son and Cremisan at Beit Jamal – Salesian Monastery and the wine is Italian in style.

Judean Hills – The Judean Hills are the mountain range on which Jerusalem is located.

Attractions in Jerusalem:

Attraction parks and more
Phone nr.
Jerusalem Biblical Zoo 02-6750111
The Ramparts Walk (Jerusalem Walls) 02-6277550
The Time Elevator 02-6248381
City of David- visitors center 1800-252423
University Botanical Garden 02-6794012
Jerusalem City Tour- Bus Line 99 *2800
Western Wall Tunnels 1-599515888
Zedekiah’s Cave 02-6277550
the Arab market – souk (Jaffa Gate)  
The Machane Yehuda Market  
Supreme Court 02-6759612
The Mormon University 02-6265621
Knesset Israel 02-6753420
Chagall Windows 02-6776271
Tower of David Museum 02-6265333
Ammunition Hill – Givat HaTachmoshet 02-5828442
Yad Ben Zvi- Model of time of 1st  Temple 02-6286288
Museum for Islamic Art 02-5661291
Yad Vashem 02-6443400
Nature Museum – Teva Museum 02-5631116
Bloomfield Science Museum 02-6544888
Israel Museum- model of  city in the 2nd temple 02-6708811
Bible Lands Museum 02-5611066
The Ticho House 02-6245068
Biblical places
Garden Tomb 02-539 8100
Mount of Olives 026275050
Garden of Gethsemane 026266444
City of David 02-6268700
King David’s Tomb  
Upper Room (last Supper) 02-6713597
Kotel- the Western Wall 02-6271333
Hezekiah’s Tunnel 026268700
Pool of Siloam 026268700
Via Dolorosa 02-6272692
Bethesda Pool 026283285
Temple Mount 02-6226250
Mamilla Shopping mall  
Jerusalem Mall – Malcha  
Ben Yehuda- shopping street  
Mevasseret Mall -Harel  


A trip to Israel would not be complete without visiting JERUSALEM. It’s a must especially for first timers.

Jerusalem the Golden is the Capital of Israel and is like no other city on earth. Sacred to the worlds three major monotheistic religions, and was fought over for three millennia by a variety of peoples and nations.

Old City of Jerusalem – The landmarks within the ancient walls of Old Jerusalem are very much alive today. You can hardly move without strolling into another picturesque building or fascinating site or excavation.

Visit the Western Wall, all that remains of the Temple of Solomon which was destroyed by the Babylonians in 587 BC. Experience the Jewish rituals of praying here every day, leaving their messages scribbled on pieces of paper and hiding them within the stones of the Wall. You may even get the chance to see one of the many Bar Mitzvah Celebrations celebrated at the Western Wall.
The Holy Sepulchre is the holiest Christian site in Jerusalem, the site of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and resurrection. The Church contains the Chapel of Golgotha and the Three Stations of the Cross where Jesus was crucified and the Sepulchre itself marks the place of his burial and resurrection.

Walk along the Via Dolorosa, which is also known as the Way of the Cross, a network of streets through which Jesus dragged the Cross before his crucifixion. There are 14 Stations along the way commemorating different events. You will hear Muslim calls for prayer intermingled with Christian chanting and the shouts of market traders selling their merchandise.

The beautiful golden Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount dominates any view of Jerusalem and is a masterpiece of Islamic architecture. The Rock is believed by all three of the world’s main religions to be the place where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son to God. For Muslims the same Rock is the place from which Mohammed, in a dream, ascended to Heaven.

The Citadel or Tower of David was constructed in the 1st century BC as a fortress for King Herod. The tallest tower of the Citadel is the place to appreciate a magnificent view as well as an orientation of the Old City. The Citadel contains the Museum of the History of Jerusalem, featuring interesting displays of the city’s past and serves as a constant reminder of how many times Jerusalem has been conquered and re-conquered over the centuries.

New City of Jerusalem

The New City of Jerusalem also has many important sites. The Yad Vashem Memorial to the Holocaust provides a multifaceted tribute to the millions of Jews who died during World War II. The focus of the Museum is to commemorate and document the events of the Holocaust and provide ongoing research and education.

The Israel Museum has achieved world-class status with its remarkable collections that span prehistoric archaeology to contemporary art. Perhaps the most famous exhibit are the Dead Sea Scrolls that date from the 3rd Century BC to the 1st Century AD and were discovered in 1947. Other places of interest are the new Supreme Court Building and Mt. Herzl to visit the grave of the assassinated Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin.

Places of Interest for Children in Jerusalem If you are traveling with children there is plenty to see. A visit to the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo which is situated n southwest Jerusalem. The zoo collection includes species mentioned in the Bible and many other rare animals. The landscape of the Zoo is very unusual as it is surrounded by the Jerusalem Hills. The Bloomfield Science Museum specializes in interactive exhibitions in science and technology.

Shopping in Jerusalem Excellent shopping can be found in Jerusalem, whether in the markets situated in the Old City of Jerusalem or at shops situated close to the hotel area where you will find Judaica, arts, crafts and souvenirs. You can also visit the Mahneh Yehuda Market a bustling outdoor food and goods market.

Nightlife in Jerusalem There is plenty of nightlife in Jerusalem. One of the best places to go for a light meal or dinner is the Nachalat Shiva area with its sidewalk restaurants and small boutiques and shops. Just walk through the streets and admire the beautiful old stone houses. One of the many restaurants or cafes will surely be to your taste. Ben Yehuda Street is a very lively area at night and there are many bars and restaurants in and around it.

Culture in Jerusalem The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra offers a great standard of performance for classical music lovers. The Israeli Festival of music and performing arts is an annual event in Jerusalem featuring both Israeli and International Performers and 2006 saw the first Jerusalem Jazz Festival.

Over the years, the City of Jerusalem has undergone many changes which have made it one of the most interesting cities in the world as well as an important focal point for tourism in Israel.

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