Yad Hashmona Country Hotel

********          Dear Guests & Friends,                            ********

Due to the complex situation around the world due to the spread of the Corona virus and in light of the Ministry of Health’s prohibition on gathering over 100 people, we regretfully announce the suspension of all hotel activities from March 15 2020, hoping to return to activity as soon as possible.

An answering service in the Reservation department will continue to be held-  

Sunday – Thursday,   08:30 – 16:00 – Tel: 025942002/3

We thank all our clientele who support us during this challenging time and we are looking forward to host you again as soon as possible.


Yad- Hashmona Country Hotel Staff


The Yad-Hashmona Country Hotel is settled in the heart of a unique community (Moshav), where local Jewish Israelis and Gentiles share their faith in Yeshua (Jesus) and the Scriptures- the Old and New Testament.

The original Yad Hashmona cooperative village was founded by a group of Christian volunteers who arrived from Finland to pursue their Biblical beliefs and help the Jewish people to establish themselves in their old-new homeland. The settlement was named after eight Jews who were handed over to the Nazis during World War II by Finland. ( “Yad” – Memorial; “Hashmona” – the eight).

The Hotel is located on the peaceful heights of the Judean Hills, only 20 minutes from Jerusalem and less than half an hour drive from the Ben Gurion Airport. Biblical sites such as Emmaus and Kiryat Yearim (site of the Ark of the Covenant) are located close by.

Our Country Hotel is surrounded by beautiful views of the evergreen Judean Hills and the Mediterranean coastal plain. The Hotel’s unique Finnish- Scandinavian flavor, combined with the biblical land of Israel, promises you an unforgettable stay in the Holy Land! The Yad Hashmona Country Hotel and our community, welcome you to stay with us!

***Dear Guests please notice,This coming Friday (13.03.2020) we won’t open our Friday Brunch***

* The restaurant is without a Kashrut (Kosher) certificate *     

* No Pets allowed, except service animals for disabled people