Biblical Garden

With the cooperation of the “Beit Shalom” Association in Switzerland and the Israeli Antiquity Department, a unique biblical village was inaugurated in 2000 at Yad Hashmona.

The unique Biblical Garden on the hotel ground displays a variety of biblical plants and trees as well as reconstructed buildings and agricultural tools from biblical times.The Biblical Garden has an ancient wine press, an olive oil press, a mikve (ritual bath), a burial cave, an agricultural watchtower, a Galilean-type synagogue and a Bedouin tent.

A guided tour (available in various languages upon request) will take you back to the times of the Bible and will help you grow in a deeper understanding of the Old- and New Testament.

Groups can reserve a Jesus Passover Experience – A Biblical Meal, that will give them deep insight in a multi-scensory way to the day to day life in the biblical times including a delicious Biblical Meal, that can be combined with a guided tour in the Biblical Garden.

for reservation: 02-594 2000, Email: